|| R.P.G! || animation meme || ft. Terrestrial planets || @SolarBalls

First time posting in a while! Too be fair I did private literally all of my other videos.. you don’t want to hear 8 year old me’s voice acting though

Animation meme gift for the channel Solarballs. Using their characters: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and Jupiter as the silhouette that scared the bunch

Apps used:
Ibis paint (art and background)
Alight motion (tweening)
CapCut (to remove AM logo)

Art time: 2.41 hours + plus a bit more since I pre-made the assets of the planet (Not the paper puppets assets however)

Edit time: 8 WHOLE HOURS?? Jesus I didn’t realise I spent that long, was worth it

Song: https://youtu.be/E286KqzpkKw
Solarballs channel: https://youtube.com/@SolarBalls
Follow my tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@snailinashell?_t=8au1DTPC9ZK&_r=1

And credit to the app exoplanets (unsure if they have a website) for helping get the information about each terrestrial planet in the select character scene