2024’s Biggest D&D Rival? Stormlight RPG New Details! 👀

Today on The Character Sheet our coverage of TTRPG and Fantasy news has us bringing you new details about the Stormlight RPG, the massively anticipated RPG from @BrotherwiseGames set in the incredibly popular Stormlight Archives world created by Author Brandon Sanderson! Could Stormlight Role Playing Game be the biggest TTRPG of 2024…and just what new details about the game itself and the team behind it should have Wizards of the Coast and Dungeons & Dragons sweating bullets?

Find out as we bring you brand new details from what is shaping up to be the biggest TTRPG of 2024 as we dive into everything Stormlight RPG to see if this really could be the biggest competition D&D has seen since Pathfinder in the latest rpg news!

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